Officers & Board

Our Mission is to provide the opportunity for spiritual growth to our Congregation through the vision, leadership and actions of the Temple Board of Trustees. This growth requires the creativity, support and action of the Temple Membership.

This Mission succeeds when it provides activities that pass on Jewish values of outreach and caring, and enhance Jewish memories, as we celebrate our Faith in action and ceremony.

This Mission succeeds when leadership motivates future generations through effective, dynamic mentoring and support.

This Mission succeeds when it creates a community of caring and an atmosphere of teamwork for all of our membership through outreach programs that educate, support, and empower every person to achieve spiritual growth, now and in the future.


Dr. Malcolm Van Blerkom


Phil Dubrow

1st Vice President

Don Clippinger, Esq.

2nd Vice President; Fundraising Chair

Diane Van Blerkom


Michael Holzer, MPM

Treasurer; Immediate Past President; Cemetery Association Chair

Dr. Andrew Gurman

Ritual Chair


Dr. Catherine Cox

Vicky Dubrow
Hospitality Committee

Barbara Fagan

Heather Holzer

Soozie Holzer
Wellness Committee

Barry Kaufman

Dr. Alan Kivitz

David Maller

Dr. Maryanne Martin

Greg Morris

Dr. Elliot Rosencrantz

Audrey Rosenthall

Sharon Smith
Tikkun Olam Committee

Joel Weiss


Michael Holzer 

Dr. Jon Thaler

Harry Benjamin

Nancy Gurman

Michael Dudley

Sandra Weiss

Barry Allen

Michael Rosen

Dr. Laurence Primack

Dr. Andrew Gurman

Andrew Katz

Alan P. Krier

Melvin A. Kadane

Pamela J. Patt

Maggie Kaufman

Donald H. Brett

P. Jules Patt

Michael Kranich Sr.

Past Presidents Continued

Bertram B. Leopold

Dr. Leonard Zimmerman

Harry Kaufman

Benjamin Levine Jr.

Shirley Pechter

Robert Patt

Dr. Arnold Berman

Fred Pechter

Dr. Julius Bloom

Edgar Henderson

Bernard Jubelirer

Samuel B. Maximon

Jospeh Berkowitz

Myer G. Block

Emanuel S. Leopold

Leonard A. Brett

Max Monarch

Leon R. Samuel

Past Presidents Continued

Isaac Slutzker

Samuel H. Jubelirer

Meyer Cohn

Morris Berman

Malcolm H. Neuwahl

William Well

Isaiah Scheeline, Sr.

Bertram Leopold

David Wasserman

Ferdinand Bendheim

Harry Slutzker

Simon Nuewahl

Solomon Bendheim

Julius Blumenthal

Alexander Scheeline

A. L. Bechofer

Max Mayer

Simon Lyon

Joseph Berkowitz